Samuel Marston 


Address: North Haverhill, NH



Work experience


     School Administrative Unit 23 Art Teacher: September 2011-present


         Teaching the visual art curriculum for grades k-3 in Woodsville, k-6 in Bath, and K-8 in Piermont and Warren.

               Supervisors: Bath: Deb Norwood 

                                  Piermont: Bernice Burroughs

                                  Warren: Laurie Melanson  

                                  Woodsville: Kathleen Clark 

     Haverhill Extended Learning Program (HELP) September 2013-2015

        Electives Instructor



     Warren Village School After School Program September 2012-Present


        Electives Instructor:



     Warren Summer School Program July 2013-August 2013


        Electives Instructor:



     Ripple Pottery April 2010-September 2011

         Studio asistant loading, unloading, mixing glazes, assisting in work making,

         and general studio cleaning and maintenance.


               Supervisor: Brian O’Hare 




     2004-2010 New Hampshire Institute of Art

          Graduated Bachelors in Fine Arts

          Concentration: Ceramics(education program)

     2001-2002 University New Hampshire

     1997-2001  Dover High School,Dover, NH Diploma


2010 - present

2010 - present