Clay and Glaze Supply

Looking for an alternative to buying and shipping wet glaze for your studio, school or art center?

Do you need dry ceramic material in an amount smaller than one pound/5lbs or 10lbs?


Marston Pottery &  Art makes glaze and can either ship or deliver.

We also offer seasonal (Fall/Spring) clay and supply delivery for the Northern Connecticut River Valley of NH/VT.


Choose one of our glazes or send us your recipe for a quote. 


Shipping/Delivery: Delivery costs are dertimed by distance from our shop in North Haverhill, NH

0-10 mi: Free All other distances will be charged .50/per mi (one direction.)


Glazes are packaged double bagged in plastic and paper bags. Dry glazes and dry materials are shipped in flat rate boxes. 



Cone 6  Oxidation Glazes

All glazes are sold in a powder form. 

500 grams of glaze roughly makes roughly 1 quart

5000 grams of glaze roughly makes 2.5 gallons

To Order glaze please send an email with the name and the amount. For a custom glaze please also set the recipe. 

I will then send an invoice to complete your purchase. If you would like a custom glaze made please email me the recipe and the amount and I will send you a quote. Thank you.


Common quantities 500 grams- quart test

5000 grams-  2.5 gallons mixed

10,0000 gram- 5 gallons mixed

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Glaze Combo

Inside Red/Brown with dipped rim, brushed 2 coats turquoise entire outside dipped in zinc clear.